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Date: Monday, May 05 @ 13:44:39
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Now that the eQSO PMR446 network is expanding we've started to notice a few things, and started to develop a few ideas and we thought we'd keep you posted and also make a couple of requests o­n protocol.

Please also read Setting up an Internet Gateway for details of what you need to do if you wish to run a gateway.


Please do not put URL's in the comments box. This is just going to encourage SPAM and people logging in a client with no real intention of using it, just as advertising. We're not prepared to have that, especially as this takes bandwidth away from legitimate users. We have two exceptions to that rule and they are Delboy's site and 2E1EHM's site which has eQSO help o­n it and are useful for users.


As most of you probably know by now, each PMR446 gateway or PC user takes up 15kbs of bandwidth o­n our server. We do not have infinite bandwidth unfortunately! We're OK for the next few months with things expanding at this rate and are currently working o­n getting more bandwidth in place for then. If you have a chunky internet connection and can possibly help out - do drop us a line. We have a few people in place already, but it would be useful to have a number of people that are able to donate a little bandwidth. Commercial ISP's won't let you run voice over IP (without charging hundreds of pounds a month) - these have to be privately owned servers.

For bandwidth reasons, please don't log in two clients. This then takes up 30kbs and is unfair o­n other users. There's no need to log in two clients. If you have special reason for wanting to do so, then please email us.

eQSO Comments Box

We're currently working o­n a new application that parses the data held in the "comment" variable (where you put 446 Link etc in the eQSO software) and outputs the result to an audio file using a computer generated voice (a bit like Crystal o­n the AT&T website). This will allow gateway's to broadcast a list of currently connected gateways over RF for the benefit of RF o­nly users. This may take us a while to develop, but it'll be a really useful addition.

Please can the links follow the protocol for this comment, because we don't want to have to make this software too clever, it's easier to parse a string of text if it's in a set format.

The correct protocol is:-

446 Link Chxx(yy) Sometown, Some County/City, Country

Where "xx" is the channel and "yy" is the CTCSS (which should always be 19 in the UK).

So, for example, the UK001-L link is:-

446 Link Ch8(19) Richmond, Surrey, UK

Incidentally, if you're logging o­n here for the first time and it's quiet, call CQ! A lot of people are monitoring even if they're not talking...

Many thanks,

446 User

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