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Date: Tuesday, June 24 @ 23:45:05
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Paul (M0ZPD), the author of the eQSO voice over IP for radio system, has very kindly built us a custom version for PMR446. Read about it and download the latest version here.

The big change is that we now have a custom build of the monitor server application which is running o­n Tj's network in Belgium.

This means that new servers can come o­nline (contact us if you are interested in running o­ne and have a reasonable amount of bandwidth you can spare) o­n our system, and users can jump around between different servers. We have a custom build server application for this which communicates with the monitor server in Belgium to run the "Who's o­n the system" tool.

Yes, we now also have our own version of the "Who's o­n the system" application, the system monitor! O­nce you have installed this custom PMR446 version, clicking o­n the "Who's o­n the system" button will show you just that.

You can install this version of eQSO o­n a PC with an existing eQSO installation o­n it, just be sure to place them in a different directory when you run the installer.

Whilst we have your attention can we please remind you that if you wonder o­n over to the ham rooms o­n eQSO you must change your callsign to either "SWL-[your name]" or a valid ham callsign or you will get banned. We have no control over their servers and are unable to remove the ban if that happens.

The admins there have got pretty quick o­n the button when it comes to banning users if they don't like your callsign. You have been warned!

You can download either the PC client or RF Gateway client here.

Many thanks to Paul (M0ZPD) for taking the time and effort to build this for us.

Dean & Tj

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