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Date: Monday, July 28 @ 11:44:43
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We noticed over the last few weeks that a couple of recognised names had been posting in the forums so we have contacted them all and invited them into a new forum...
We're pleased to say that the manufacturers/distributors forum is now o­nline here.

We have several members from the industry at this site (you may have noticed them posting in the forums here before) and we have set this forum up as a means to enable you, the PMR446 users, to communicate in an unbiased arena.

So far, we have representatives from the following here:-

Motorola UK
Icom UK
TTI (OuterZone)
Alan UK
Pama (Cobra)

So if you have a problem or a comment to make about a specific radio, please make it here so that the manufacturer or distributors can respond if necessary. Feedback in any industry is a good thing. If we can give some good quality feedback to these guys over the next 12 months or so about what we like about their radios and customer support structure etc, and what we don't like, perhaps we can help the industry build in a more positive way.

To keep quality high, o­nly members can post in this forum.

Several of these manufacturers have offered to give this site exclusives o­n new product lines, so this forum is also the first place that you will hear of forthcoming PMR446 products.

Dean & Tj

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